Cooperation between businesses and schools in technical education during distance learning

Bc. Katerina Krausova/Personal development and education manager, team project member “Bildung+Digital?!” solves cooperation between businesses and schools in technical education during distance learning.
She asked students of high elektro-technical school how is this situation perceived by pupils themselves and how do behave the companies towards them. Maybe answers can be inspiration for those, who think they cannot offer to the students anything at this time:

You have a cooperation with one of the companies in the region and you are in scholarship program. Does
this Corona situation influence the scholarship?
Actually not, we get some marks and evaluation from school. In addition, the absenteeism is calculated, so I do not see any difference.

Except front the „isolation„ at home, are there any differences within your cooperation with the company?
Definitely yes, the company had us contacted and offered to us a possibility of a part-time job. Because the work complies with my studies, I can take it as a praxis. The system of distance education enables to a lots of students to go and work at afternoon shifts. Moreover, it is very fine when I can earn some money except from learning new things . 

Is there anything, that company made for the students and you have appreciated?
Yes, I like, they have established non-compulsory workshops and even organized some extra tutorials and classes when I needed help with technical subjects.

Questions were also put to the headmaster. He appreciated, that students are, during distance education, tested in autonomy, responsibility and tenacity and teachers in the necessary changing in preparation and implementation of online teaching. He envisages further teachers education in the form of webinars. Importantly, partner companies are in e-contact and, for example, have helped to include one elektro-technical line among the lines supported by a regional scholarship.

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